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We have two different materials available. The first and most popular is our Pro Fabric which is a woven Polyester which is very light absorbent and the other is a Matte Vinyl which is ultra durable and the least reflective vinyl backdrop on the market. 

The Pro Fabric backdrops are made from a light absorbent woven polyester material, the do not reflect at all and share many traits with hand painted canvass backdrops but are much lighter and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Matte Vinyl is incredibly durable, can be washed and wiped clean and look very realistic.

Pro Fabric backdrops lend themselves very well to fine art textures  and patterns, it shoots very similarly to traditional hand painted backdrops. The matte vinyl however is very realistic and is our preferential choice for backdrops of real scenes as they look very realistic and true to life.

The Pro Fabrics come mounted to an aluminium pole at 2.72 meters (8.92 ft), this is the industry standard for paper backdrops and will fit seamlessly into your pre-existing backdrop roller system if you are currently shooting solid colour (seamless) paper backdrops like Savage or Colorama. The smaller Profabrics come mounted on a cardboard core making them lightweight and convenient to transport. The matte vinyl backdrops come in a plastic storage tube so they are easy to transport and store, these are best hung with our Magna-Fix magnetic hanging system.

Yes, our matte vinyl backdrops are wipeable and one of the most hardwearing and durable backdrops on the market. 

All our backdrops are made in the UK and hand cut and mounted by our skilled team at Click Props HQ in London, UK. They’re printed using state of the Art 5m wide UV printers, we developed our printing techniques in house and are unique in the photographic backdrop industry as we look to innovate in our sector. At Click Props HQ we are proud to be a fair living wage company and pay all our staff above the national living wage (different from minimum wage), we believe our team are more like family than staff.

We really care about the environment at Click Props! Paper backdrops are the worldwide industry standard for studio backdrops, we wanted to replace the use of paper in backdrops which use an enormous amount of paper to produce which is then disposed of after use. We added seamless solid colours to our range of Pro Fabric backdrops, these are are reusable and will last decades rather than single use and dispose of paper backdrops. We are also very mindful of our carbon footprint and in 2022 Click Props is looking into offsetting its carbon footprint by investing in carbon positive environmental projects, our aim is to be completely carbon neutral by the end of 2023.

Yes, we offer a fully bespoke backdrop design service and will produce backdrops to any size that you require, we have produced massive backdrops and green screens for major film production companies which have been used in major productions backed by production platforms such as Netflix. 

Yes, we offer a fully bespoke backdrop design service which can be specifically made for yourself, we never reproduce custom orders so you can rest assured your click props custom backdrop will be the only ones ever made.

The Pro Fabrics are one of the most light absorbing backdrop materials we have ever seen or used, getting glare or reflection on these would be very difficult although all comes down to how your image and the backdrop is lit with your lighting setup. The Vinyls are a Matte Vinyl which are the least reflective vinyl backdrops on the market, we have lit these with direct gels and have avoided any glare but again comes down to the lighting used on set.

The Pro Fabric backdrops come mounted on an aluminium pole and should be stored wrapped around the core, our Vinyl backdrops come with a storage tube and should be kept in this when not mounted on a wall or stand. Whilst these backdrops are very good at resisting creasing if they are stored crumpled up then you may get some creasing lines. To remedy this simply hang the backdrop overnight and your creases should have fallen out, in extreme cases you made use a towel as a buffer and iron out the creases on the opposite side of the backdrop to ensure no direct heat and pressure is applied to the printed side.

Our turnaround times are very good and one of the best on the market, it does vary depending on busy periods such as trade shows or when we have large promotion and receive high volumes of orders. Most UK orders are dispatched within a day or two, with international orders delivery time can be up to 5 working days although many orders are received well before this. Needless to say to we’re pretty quick!

Absolutely! Our backdrops are great for on location use, we have a range of sizes and materials to suit every occasion. Our motorised roller system can also be used on location and is quick and easy to setup, you can have up to 6 backdrops up and changing them is seconds with the remote.

Both the Pro Fabric and Matte Vinyl backdrops can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, the Vinyl is extremely hard wearing and can be cleaned with a mop and soapy water. Our backdrops are not designed to be machine washed.

Click Props backdrops are made of premium materials sourced from Germany, we then print these with our machines in the UK by our industry experts, the printing process coats the media which is then inspected and then hand mounted onto custom cut aluminium poles to ensure rigidity and lasting durability. It also makes it easier to slot into your pre-existing system. Our designs are created by photographers for photographers and each is rigorously tested before release. Kate backdrops is a Chinese based printing company that prints on much cheaper materials that are not as durable and most importantly do not shoot like our purpose designed and built products.

No – Pro Fabric is a much newer media to the industry, hand painted canvass whilst can be beautiful is traditionally heavy, very delicate and cannot be easily mounted or stored. Pro Fabric has similar light absorbing properties to canvass.