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Ross Mckelvey

Belfast, Northern Ireland based photographer Ross McKelvey, is a highly acclaimed portrait and studio photographer, running Catchlight Studio close to the City Centre. He was named No.1 in the World for large Monochrome exhibition prints for both 2017 and 2018 by the Photographic Society of America in its Annual “Who’s Who in Photography” publication. In 2019 he was awarded Master of FIAP for a panel of 20 fine art monochrome prints, featuring female dancers, gymnasts and ballerinas. Ross was excited to produce his own collection of backdrops for Click Props Backdrops, having successfully used several of our existing vinyl backdrops in his studio and on his studio workshops. He knows from experience that a quality backdrop can make or break a picture and looks forward to seeing what people can produce from this collection. It is no surprise that his collection is entitled ‘Come Dance With Me’ as these designs are simply perfect for capturing atmospheric images of dancers.