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Signature Collections

A backdrop brand can gauge its success and popularity various ways, but for us when we’re approached by some of the world’s leading photographers and creatives requesting to be part of our journey we know we’re heading in the right direction. Leading photographers, educators and digital artists from all over the world have come together to create our incredible range of Signature Collections – all with their own unique style and flair.

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Signature Collections

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Recommended By Industry Leaders

It's not surprising that the likes of Ana Brandt, Frank Doorhof and Gary hill rave over our backdrops, in fact they love them so much they've become Global Ambassadors too!

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Use, Wash, Repeat.
Our Backdrops are made to last decades, not days. For more information on how to wash and care for your backdrop visit our Backdrop Care section.

Award Winning

Click Props Backdrops have been awarded not only a 5 Star Gold Award from Digital Camera Magazine, but have also won the Best Professional Studio Accessory award in 2014, 2015 and 2016 from the SWPP.

Photography BACKDROPS


Whether you are a portrait studio owner, vlogger or set designer looking for something specific for a project you are working on, we are certain Click will have what you are looking for. As well as being used in hundreds of studios around the world, Click Props Backdrops have also been used for set building for TV and Films, as graphics on large expo stands, in home studios as well as small production setups and vlogging studios. Our backdrops have even been used to turn dull office spaces and showrooms into bright and vibrant outdoor sets to help create an immersive experience rather than the usual and the expected.


Therefore, Click Props Backdrops offers hundreds of designs across 13 set sizes ranging from just 5ft x 5ft (1.52m x 1.52m) up to 8.92ft x 20ft (2.72m x 6.04m) and if they don’t suit your needs, not to worry as custom size backdrops are also available on demand. 

by photographers


The Click in-house design team, along with our carefully chosen well-known Signature Collection designers constantly come up with numerous designs that’ll peak your interest and bring your creative ideas to life.


to paper

Currently, Click offers two choices of material, it’s almost impregnable 450gsm threaded vinyl and its luxurious polyester 280gsm ProFabric, both of which have their own unique selling points and ideal types of use.


The vinyl product is simply perfect for any backdrop that you want to look as lifelike as possible, retain sharp edges and detail for example, brick walls, panels and wallpapers. It is also the perfect choice for when things get messy, for example cakesmash shoots as almost anything will simply wipe straight off with warm water and a soft sponge. Vinyl backdrops can be attached to roller systems, clamped to backdrop support stands or hung via the MAGNA-fix magnetic hanging system and under normal conditions do not reflect, wrinkle, or crease.


ProFabric is a sumptuous and luxurious heavyweight polyester material selected to give the look and feel of the traditional hand painted canvas, but without the excessive weight, expensive cost and sometimes odour of its hand painted alternatives. As per the vinyl the ProFabric is also printed using state-of-the-art UV printing technology allowing light cleaning with a soft sponge and water but should certainly not be used for messy shoots.