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The vinyl product is simply perfect for any backdrop that you want to look as lifelike as possible, retain sharp edges and detail for example, brick walls, panels and wallpapers. It is also the perfect choice for when things get messy, for example cakesmash shoots as almost anything will simply wipe straight off with warm water and a soft sponge. Vinyl backdrops can be attached to roller systems, clamped to backdrop support stands or hung via the MAGNA-fix magnetic hanging system and under normal conditions do not reflect, wrinkle, or crease.


ProFabric is a sumptuous and luxurious heavyweight polyester material selected to give the look and feel of the traditional hand painted canvas, but without the excessive weight, expensive cost and sometimes odour of its hand painted alternatives. As per the vinyl the ProFabric is also printed using state-of-the-art UV printing technology allowing light cleaning with a soft sponge and water but should certainly not be used for messy shoots.